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Configuring Tailwind CSS JIT in Angular

Configuring Tailwind CSS JIT in Angular

After Angular started supporting Tailwind CSS out of the box, I wanted to migrate my current side-project to using their JIT compiler. Here is what I did.

Fast Search for Static Sites (JAMStack)

If you are into frontend, you might have already heard about this, The JAMStack. This post explores the ways to add search functionality to a static website.

Stop reinventing the wheel

One of the important things I learnt in 2019 as a developer is to not reinvent the wheel. Develop only the things that are completely custom solutions.

Let's talk about CSS Subgrids

CSS Subgrid is a part of CSS Grid Level 2 Spec by CSS working group. It solves a common use case which wasn't so obvious when grids were launched. Let's dig deep into what it is!

Auth for Hasura GraphQL engine with Firebase - My thoughts

Hasura’s GraphQL engine is itself a drop-in backend for most of the use cases. It provides you the flexibility to setup a fully functional backend with GraphQL as interface for the front-end. It acts as a layer between the Postgres database and your frontend applications(web or mobile).

Beyond this year: 2019 goals

As the year comes to an end, it's time to look back at the events and improve upon it. 2018 has been a roller-coaster with a lot of new experiences. I have learnt so many things, development to design and more.

You should start using Parcel Bundler 📦

I've been working on a couple of React projects recently, which uses Webpack for bundling. And yes, it takes a lot of time for bundling. So I decided to try out Parcel and here's what happened.

Migrating to Webpack 4 today

Today, I made a switch to Webpack 4 from version 3 for a project I am working on. And my first impression? Its definitely fast! Here are the changes I made for the switch.

Firebase + React : Optimizing For The Real World

Thoughts on using firebase for a webapp built with React and how can you optimize it.