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What can you learn from NextJS

What can you learn from NextJS

Over the last year, the adoption of NextJS framework has skyrocketed due to the ton of benefits it comes with. Let us look at what can you learn from it's success.

Configuring Tailwind CSS JIT in Angular

After Angular started supporting Tailwind CSS out of the box, I wanted to migrate my current side-project to using their JIT compiler. Here is what I did.

Fast Search for Static Sites (JAMStack)

If you are into frontend, you might have already heard about this, The JAMStack. This post explores the ways to add search functionality to a static website.

Stop reinventing the wheel

One of the important things I learnt in 2019 as a developer is to not reinvent the wheel. Develop only the things that are completely custom solutions.

Let's talk about CSS Subgrids

CSS Subgrid is a part of CSS Grid Level 2 Spec by CSS working group. It solves a common use case which wasn't so obvious when grids were launched. Let's dig deep into what it is!

Auth for Hasura GraphQL engine with Firebase - My thoughts

Hasura’s GraphQL engine is itself a drop-in backend for most of the use cases. It provides you the flexibility to setup a fully functional backend with GraphQL as interface for the front-end. It acts as a layer between the Postgres database and your frontend applications(web or mobile).

Beyond this year: 2019 goals

As the year comes to an end, it's time to look back at the events and improve upon it. 2018 has been a roller-coaster with a lot of new experiences. I have learnt so many things, development to design and more.

You should start using Parcel Bundler 📦

I've been working on a couple of React projects recently, which uses Webpack for bundling. And yes, it takes a lot of time for bundling. So I decided to try out Parcel and here's what happened.

Migrating to Webpack 4 today

Today, I made a switch to Webpack 4 from version 3 for a project I am working on. And my first impression? Its definitely fast! Here are the changes I made for the switch.

Firebase + React : Optimizing For The Real World

Thoughts on using firebase for a webapp built with React and how can you optimize it.