Published on December 30, 2018

Beyond this year: 2019 goals

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As the year comes to an end, itโ€™s time to look back at the events and improve upon it. 2018 has been a roller-coaster with a lot of new experiences. I have learnt so many things, development to design and more.

The biggest one was moving from React ecosystem to Angular for my fulltime job. And yes, I switched my job this year and I couldnโ€™t be any happier. (Off-the-record: I work at Springboard - an Edtech startup.)

Starting Angular? Create a basic Angular CLI project and build something. You will learn more from it than from the docs.

I also had a lot of learning going with designing of UI elements. As itโ€™s a continuous process, it will be continued in the next year too. Another great experience that I had was working from China for a month. It was a completely different world, and I also did manage to make some good friends there.

Apart from these, I switched to Mac from Windows, tried my hands on starting a podcast and a video series, launched a couple of personal projects, etc.

Setbacks? Yes, there were, and some learning from them too. I got selected as a speaker at React Rally, but was not able to make it due to visa issues.

So as we end 2018, I would like to thank everyone who supported and inspired me to achieve all the above things.

What does this mean for 2019?

The bars are definitely high! But that shouldnโ€™t stop anyone from dreaming big ๐Ÿ˜‰. I have so much stuff in my todos that needs my attention and so I am looking at planning it accordingly.

Major Goals
  • ๐Ÿš€ Increase open source contribution
  • ๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿปโ€๐Ÿ’ป Learn and use GraphQL on the server
  • โœ๐Ÿป Write at least one blog post a month
  • ๐Ÿ“น Create more videos with live coding screen shares
  • ๐Ÿ“š Learn Python(Django)
  • ๐Ÿ›ซ Plan at least one trip with family and one with friends
  • ๐Ÿ—ฃ Speak at a conference
  • ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป Workout regularly

These are not a new year resolution but goals that Iโ€™m committing publicly. Iโ€™m also looking at being active on Twitter to learn and support the awesome web dev community there.

Wrapping up

Kudos to you for reaching the end. Letโ€™s make 2019 more fruitful to oneself and to the web community ๐Ÿฅณ. Keep learning, respect & help others and stay motivated!

Happy ๐ŸŽŠ 2019 ๐ŸŽŠ!

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