Get To Know Me

Get To Know Me

Frontend Engineer at Backbase with speciality in building scalable SAAS applications and websites. I've been in this field for over 6 years with 4+ years of professional expertise.

I spend time learning and building stuff for the web, with over 300k downloads on NPM across projects.

I love minimalistic designs with subtle transitions that deliver better user experiences.

Tech I Know / Use#

  • Angular, React/Preact, Svelte, Vue
  • SCSS / CSS, Tailwind, Bootstrap, Styled Components
  • Node JS, Apollo GraphQL, Redux, Prisma
  • Git/Subversion, Webpack/Rollup/Gulp, Yarn/NPM, Angular CLI
  • Tools: VS Code (with extensions), Zsh, Adobe XD/Sketch/Figma, Google Chrome
  • Others: Python, Golang, WordPress

My Priorities/Interests

  • Web Performance Optimization
  • Accessibility
  • Tooling

Work Experience#



Amsterdam, Netherlands - (Oct 2019 - Present)

Developer Experience

Building an application interface capable of dragging and dropping various containers/widgets (UI elements) and transforming it into a full-fledged single-page application for customers.

Marketing Tools

Tools used by marketeers to send various campaigns to end-users and also help them in targeting users accurately



Bangalore, India - (Sept 2018 - Oct 2019)

Tech team - Marketing

Build customer facing websites and webapps to improve the top of the funnel, reduce the bounce rate & improve conversion Rate, improve search performance etc.

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Huawei Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Bangalore, India - (June 2016 - Aug 2018)

Mobile Broadband

Develop UI for high-end enterprise broadband devices

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This Website#





🎉 Interested in Frontend or Indie-hacking?

I talk about the latest in frontend, along with my experience in building various (Indie) side-projects