Visualizing TS code

Published on December 08, 2023

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Having trouble visualizing your code structure? Check out TSDiagram, the online tool that empowers you to plan and diagram your TypeScript code.

This tool assists in creating diagrams by defining data models using top-level type aliases and interfaces. It automatically arranges the nodes efficiently, saving you valuable time and effort.

Key Features:

᠆ Define data models with TypeScript for consistency and type safety.

᠆ TSDiagram automatically arranges nodes, saving you manual positioning.

᠆ Customize node positions in TSDiagram, while the remaining nodes auto-layout.

᠆ Save diagrams in your browser storage for easy access.

᠆ Export diagrams as images for sharing or embedding.

Use Cases:

⸗ Visualize data relationships and interactions with TSDiagram’s node-based representation.

⸗ Plan code structure and relationships with class, object, and function diagrams.

⸗ Illustrate system architecture and components with TSDiagram’s intuitive editor.

Check out and experience the simplicity of diagram creation with TypeScript.

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