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Published on August 02, 2021

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I learn a lot from newsletter subscriptions every week, in addition to all that I consume while on twitter.

Some of these are about development and some about indie-hacking

🧵 Here is my top 3..

1/ Indiehackers

The format of this newsletter itself is super interesting. It covers what’s happening in tech along with thoughtful interview summaries.

Stories of other @indiehackers is also very motivational Rocket Thanks @

2/ Bytes by U;

Tyler’s (@tylermcginnis) curated newsletter for JavaScript Devs is all you need for getting a round-up of what’s happening in industry.

He covers all new releases/updates and lists some of the best articles for the week from other devs.

3/ The 3-2-1 Newsletter

Another curated newsletter that always comes with interesting stuff is read.

Nick’s (@nickbulljs) selection of articles is just wonderful. There is always a ton of things to learn & grow as a developer and as a better individual.

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