Published on September 12, 2023

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Have you heard of the magical πŸ¦„ magic-regexp by @danielcroe?

It’s a compiled-away, type-safe minimal alternative to RegExp. Now, you may wonder, what makes it so special?

  1. Zero-dependency Runtime: Experience magical bliss with this library - no external dependencies, ultra-minimalistic design, and outstanding performance. Integrates with Vite, Next and Nuxt to transform expressions in build time.

  2. Type-Safe Capture Groups: Embrace error-free experiences with automatic typing within capture groups, enabling effortless data extraction and manipulation.

  3. Transform Capability: Effortlessly convert magical expressions into pure RegExps.

magic-regexp example

  1. Natural Language Syntax: Intuitive pattern creation using natural language syntax - a unique experience compared to traditional regex libraries.

  2. Hover-Generated RegExp Displays: Real-time visualization of generated regex patterns for improved understanding and visual aid.

magic-regexp unlocks new pattern matching possibilities while having enhanced readability and convenience πŸ’―

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