Managing package managers

Published on February 28, 2024

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Using multiple package managers in Node?

Corepack, included in recent Node.js versions, serves as a bridge for Yarn, npm, and pnpm. No global installations needed. Save space, prevent conflicts.

Why is Corepack useful?

• Avoids global installation: No more cluttering your system with multiple package managers!

• Flexibility: Switch between Yarn, Pnpm, or npm easily within your project.

• CI/CD friendly: Helps manage package managers in CI/CD environments.

Using corepack

Using it:

Enable Corepack in the installed node version, activate the required package manager and start using it.

Moreover, Corepack enables you to package your package managers and share them along with your project’s package.json file! This guarantees that everyone has the necessary tools to collaborate on your project, including your CI/CD setup.

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